One of the hearts of our product range are drinks. Also in this area we pay attention to excellent quality and use excluding the goods of the original manufacturers which were produced, besides, explicitly for the German market. For the case that it concerns alcoholic beverages or spirits we already make sure in the approach that it concerns about articles which are admitted in Germany. Besides, we place big value of a big product range what is reflected in more than 5,000 articles.

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Soft drinks are drinks which get by completely without alcohol.

In our case these can be high-quality fruit juice drinks or lemonades and also caffeine-containing fizzy lemonades are a share of our product range. Representative is that we hold goods for the export as well as deposit articles for the local market at your possession. The brands presented by us are, for example, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Capri Sonne, Red Bull, Monster etc.


“Witty” spirits are one of our specialisations with more than 5,000 articles.

Discover the variety in highly concentrated lusciousness which reaches from the absinthe about various vodka and gin up to highly specified and rare Japanese whisky. The export liquidation runs with us through our partner’s companies of Loendersloot or Mentrex – however, of course Frank Langer e.K. remains your contact to all your questions.


In this country the German purity requirement is valid for beers.

We offer you in this area many impressive reports of German brewing art as well as import beers from numerous European and non-European countries. Simplisticly expressed, our beer offer ranges from A like Amstel about B like Bitburger up to W like Warsteiner or Weihenstephan and Z like Zwickel. And of course with us you also find many of the new Craft beers.